Best soap brands to bathe in freshness in summer


Daily soaps are great! But today we are talking about the other soaps which we use daily to cleanse.

Summers are a great time for cool summer drinks, ice creams, to wear your favorite shorts and to enjoy the sunny beaches but this is also the time when you get sun burns and dry skin if your skin is not taken proper care of like – best branded sunscreen lotion, best soap and face wash. The sun can make your skin dry and tanned.

Now why we want to discuss a trivial thing such as soap?? But, it’s very important as the wrong one can do a lot of damage which cannot be undone later! So, a wise woman chooses her soap wisely to avoid any irreversible effect on your skin. Especially when you are a woman using soap on your face and feel too lazy to reach out for your face wash you must be choosy when it comes to choosing a right kind of soap.

Check out our list of best of best bath soap for daily use to enjoy summer without damaging your skin and making it look fresh and moisturized.

best body soap for dry skin

Dove Go Fresh Revive Beauty Bar

Price: 48 Rs. For 75 gms

This new dove soap can do wonders to your skin by leaving it smooth and hydrated at the same time. Your partner will cherish your smooth skin like never before. It has the extracts or pomegranate and lemon verbena to treat your senses. It gives you a very refreshing experience with it natural extracts. It doesn’t dry your skin like other soap does as it has 1/4th nourishing cream which moisturize your skin leaving it smooth.

best soaps

Biotique Bio Orange Peel Revitalizing Body Soap

Price: 90 Rs. For 150 gms

Biotique uses ayurvedic ingredients and methods and Swiss technology to make each of their high end products. This particular soap has rich ingredients like pure orange gist and oil, turmeric, walnut, musk root and margosa to wash away impurities of your skin without disturbing your skin’s PH balance. It also promotes cell renewal with its peeling property.

best soaps for summer

Soulflower pink strawberry skin soap

Price: 300 Rs for 150 gm

This has a refreshing scent of strawberries to lure you out of your bed and to have a soothing bath with the luxury experience of soulflower pink strawberry skin soap. It removes extra oil from your skin and gives it a refreshing look; it is also very good in treating pimples and acne as it reduces oil outcomes and thus reduces acnes. Oatmeal content scrubs your skin making it look soft and beautiful. It also reduces blemishes on your skin making it look even toned.

best soaps for dry skin in summer

Khadi natural sandalwood soap

Price: 70 Rs. For 125 gms

It is a handmade herbal soap with essential oils. Having antiseptic properties, it leaves your skin infection free. It contains pure sandalwood oil, vegetable oils and glycerin and is best for sensitive skin. it gives you a cooling effect in this hot summer making you feel calm and relaxed. A must buy for an awesome experience. this is one of the best summer soaps.

 Liril 2000 bath soap with tea tree oil

Price: 50 Rs for 125 gm

New Liril 2000 re-launched comes in a shiny green cool looking package and contains the extracts of wonderful Australian plant tea tree oil which treat germs and makes your skin look healthy.  It contains lime and citrus which gives a very refreshing smell and this is best for people having body odours , pimples and acne or any skin itching issues. This is one of the best soaps you can count on best for summer soaps. This leaves your skin dry so it’s not suitable for dry skin and any other season except summer.

best bath soap for daily use

Dettol cool soap 

Price: 27 Rs for 75 gm

In summer we sweat in excess which leads to inacceptable body odour which can lead to embarrassment in public. Dettol is known for its germ protection formula and this particular soap contains mint which gives you cool feeling and refreshes your skin. The best thing about this soap is it’s available in different variants like sensitive, cool and skin care. All the Dettol soaps are my personal favorite and a must try.

Biotique Basil and Parsley Revitalizing Body Soap

Rs. 90 for 150 gm

This soap contains natural extracts of wheat germ, basil, parsley, coconut oil and margosa which help in washing away body’s impurities. It gently removes body impurities and also restores natural PH balance of your skin.

Pears Soft and Fresh Bathing Bar

Rs 67 for 125 gm

Undoubtedly pears is one of the best company when it comes to soaps and body. According to skin and weather they have a wide range of skin care products to choose from. This particular soap contains glycerin and mint extracts which gives coolness in this hot weather and makes you feel fresh.

So, ladies this was the list of all the soaps available in market for the summer season. Choose any and feel fresh everyday with these refreshing and revitalizing soaps.    


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