List of Types of Cosmetics Products – for Face, Hair and Body.


“Life isn’t perfect but your make – up can be”

 One of the most integral part of a girl’s life is her “make – up”. As men are attached to their cars and electronics, women are attached to their makeup and clothes. Today the cosmetic industry is swarming with Ocean of products that can be applied to body, hair, face and hands or nails.

Products for Body: Bath oils, lotions, perfumes, deodorants, bubble baths, powders, bath salts and body butters.

Products for hair: permanent hair products for smoothening and straightening, hair sprays and hair gels and last but not the least hair gels, hair spa creams.

Products for face: Eye contact lens, face moisturizers, toners and cleansers, lip sticks, eye makeup, facial makeup, face wipes, night and day creams.

Products for hands / nails: hand care creams, sanitizers, nail paints, tools for nail care, cuticle cream.   

types of cosmetics and their usesThere are two types of cosmetics

1) one for decorative look

 2) skin and hair care

Usually brushes, sponge and other tools are used to apply products and makeup on your skin.

There are different formulations of cosmetic products to suit particular areas like eyes.


Primer can be applied to whole face to reduce size of pores and to make the make-up last long and also to make make-up application smooth and easy. It is applied as a first layer before foundation or eye make –up.

types of cosmetics productsLip applications

There are various products used to enhance lips and to give it color. They are lip glosses, lip sticks, lip primer, lip liners, lip butters and lip conditioners.


They are used to give colored pigmentation to lips, they are available in various colors and shades and also are of three types matte, luster and satin. Some of them may also be water-proof.

Lip glosses: 

They are usually scented and flavored and they add shine to the lips.

Lip Balms:

They moisturize the lips and protected them from cracks and dryness. They also come with SPF to offer protection against sun.

Face application


It covers the color difference at many places on your face, dark circles, blemishes and spots. It forms a clear base for the make-up.

types of cosmetics


It also adds to the coverage of your face and helps in creating a clear even toned base for makeup. It is available in many forms: powder, liquid, cream and the latest is mousse. It provides the type of coverage you want. Foundation is applied after the primer to form clear base.

Face powder:

It is used to set the foundation and is used to give it a matt finish, tinted face powders can be used itself as a light foundation so that you face doesn’t look cracked up.


It enhances your cheekbones and defines them. It adds color to your face and is available in liquid, cream and powder form. Blushers are used according to your skin tones. Pink shades are for fair skin and bronze and golden tones are usually used for dark skin tones.

types of cosmetics list

Contour cream / powder:

It is used to create an illusion for your face shape. It modifies it and makes it look slimmer. It also adds depth to your otherwise flat base. Darker shades are used to contour the face parts. Even dark toned foundation or concealer can be used for the same purpose.


In contrast with the contour powder it adds glow and shine to the place where it is applied. It is used to enhance your plus features like nose, chin and forehead.


This enhances your face by adding color and gives your face more of a natural look. It is a daily wear product and is available in satin, matte or shimmer.

makeup products names and usesEye application:


This cosmetic product is my personal favorite it makes your eyelashes look beautiful by adding length and  thickness to it. There are also water-proof versions of it and can be used daily. You may use mascara primer to before applying mascara to make it stay longer.

Eye – shadow:

It is applied on eye lids essentially to make eyes look beautiful and to stand out. One or blend of many colors can be used for eye shadows. It is applied with various brushes and even with fingers.

Eye liner:

It is used to create illusion regarding the size of your eyes. To make them look bigger, various eye liners are available in market in different forms such as pencil liners, liquid liners and gel eye liners. My personal favorite is Maybelline’s make up studio gel eyeliner it stays for a long time and gives awesome finish, it is waterproof so it doesn’t spread.

Eye brow:

These are specially like me who have sparse brow, special pencils, waxes  and colors are used to fill the brows and also to define them.

Fake eyelashes:

They are made up of human hair or synthetic material and are applied on our lash line for thick look. To give a dramatic look some also add stones, gems and rhinestones especially in fashion shows.

list of types of cosmetics productsNail paints:

They form a coat on your nails and make your hands look beautiful. They are available in transparent and all the other color shades.

Setting spray:

This is the last step in applying makeup, this will fix the makeup and makes it last long and doesn’t allow it to go away with perspiration.

Make-up removers:

It is used to remove makeup before going to sleep so that your skin can breathe. Cleansing milk is a makeup remover also you can remove it with rose water and cotton.

Thus, there is wide range of cosmetics available in their liquid, matte or glossy form. Powders are available in loose or pressed form like compact.

these is the basic list of makeup products.



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